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Marine Export - Riding the Wave

The Modern liberalised economy has opened up a host of new markets for Indian Industry. The seafood industry has been quick to realize India's rich marine resources and the global demand.

The South Indian State of Andhra Pradesh is blessed with riches of a long coastline. The sea shore along the state provides fresh, high quality catch,leading to extensive exports. Harnessing these natural bounties to its advantage is a progressive seafood company - Sai Marine Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Sai Marine Exports - Nurturing Excellence

Established in the year 1994, and within a short period of time, the company has grown and gone places making it's presence felt in the global markets.

Sourcing the best

Sai Marine procures quality raw material from closely located aquaculture ponds and also from the sea. Our Chain of Suppliers enable us to have a continuous and quality supply of raw material.

Facilities at hand

Operating from the verdant, environmentally clean location at Nellore, the company benefits from the abundant availability of shrimps from the water bodies along the coastline.

Sai Marine has a fully equipped, modern processing unit that produces and exports quality shrimp that meets the buyer's tastes and standards. Stringent hygienic conditions are maintained for processing, with quality checks at every stage.

The Unit complies with HACCP guidelines and comprehensive infrastructure facilities, lead to smooth procurement, processing and dispatch operations.